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October 2023

It's been a busy year for me so far, and looks set to continue to be. There are several new works on the website and these are linked below. In other news, The Guild of Aviation Artists held their first 'physical' exhibition since the COVID pandemic in June at the Imperial War Museum Duxford. It was great to actually have real paintings hung and real visitors to the show. There were over 300 works on display and was very well received.

New works since the last update include a couple of portraits for the family; Grandchild number four and my niece with 'Charlie' the puppy. I did a second commission for the Objektschutzregiment in Germany depicting I Battalion deployed to Mali (click here to view) and another for the 2nd Battalion, The Royal Regiment of Scotland depicting an evening fireworks display at Glencorse Barracks. Take a look here.

On the aviation front, I completed a commission depicting a trainee RAF pilot in the late 1950s (view here) and another for a US client depicting aircraft involved in a round the world record breaking flight in 1924. Click here to view. There are also a couple of new works which are for sale or for exhibition purposes. One depicts the UK's only flying B-17, 'Sally B' based at Duxford (click here to view) and the other is of a C-130J Hercules approaching RAF Lyneham in 2007. (view here).

March 2023

There are a couple of new works on the website. One is a commission to commemorate over 100 years of co-operation between the Royal Air Force and The Royal Saudi Air Force, presented during the joint operation 'Spears of Victory' in February, click here to view.

The other work was a private commission to depict the WWII bombing raid on Amiens prison in Northern France. Unusually, the view in this painting is from inside the cockpit of a DeHavilland Mosquito. Click here to take a look.

I have a busy few months coming up. Aside from my own work, I am helping organise the Guild of Aviation Artists' 50th exhibition which will be held at the Imperial War Museum, Duxford over three days; 23rd, 24th and 25th June 2023. It will coincide with the Summer Airshow weekend.

November 2022

I've just realised I haven't updated the website for quite some time, so there are a few new works to include. Firstly, a commissioned scene depicting a WWII Halifax bomber crew preparing for a night mission entitled 'One Last Smoke', take a look here. On the maritime theme, I've just completed a commission depicting the moment HMS Hotspur rammed an Italian submarine in the Mediterranean in 1944, click here to view. I've also done a couple of portraits. One is a small watercolour of one of my grandchildren and the other is a commissioned oil depicting an RAF servicemen during his time in the Far East in 1946. Both are linked from my 'People' page. I've also done a portrait of my daughter's horse 'Spot'.

There are also a couple of works that are included in the Guild of Aviation Artists' 2022 online exhibition which opened on the 7th November. These are 'The Queens Reign' a title reflecting the beginning and end of the 'Jumbo Jet' Boeing 747 in British Airways (and formerly BOAC) service and 'The Need for Speed', a painting incorporating US Navy aircraft from the original Top Gun movie and the recent sequel. I'm now working on more commissions and these will be posted in due course.

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Professional Aviation and Military Artist

The Art of

Chris French FGAvA

Professional Aviation and Military Artist